A learning companion for confident practice.

Explore a multitude of varied exercises and choose the ones that boost your memorization.

  • Repeat

    As often as you like, until automatic patterns are created.

  • Memorize

    Visual, tactile and kinaesthetic memorization activities support your step-by-step process.

  • Progress

    Questions are adapted according to the answers you give and your mastery of the different themes.

  • Stay motivated

    Thanks to personalized challenges,

  • Stay confident

    Realize your progress

  • Gain confidence and self-assurance

    Validate your knowledge.

Try the application online

Discover the main features of the online application (no installation required). A 10-question quiz and a learning exercise on facial meridians are available.


Demo Vidéo

TFH QUIZ: a new way to learn

The app offers an immersive learning experience that makes it easy to memorize essential information for a session, all in a fun environment.

Anatomy and muscles

The location of muscles, their function and the TFH muscle test will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Elements and meridians

Use these concepts applied to TFH with ease.

Practical applications

Put your knowledge into practice with concrete applications.

Effective, fun methods

The application gives you access to original memorization activities and over 1,400 questions.

Spaced repetition.

This method is based on the fundamental principle of learning: Spaced repetition” takes into account your previous answers to reinforce the assimilation of information.

The power of questioning

Available offline, browse through over 1,400 questions, designed to :

  • facilitate your learning
  • stimulate your memory
  • deepen your understanding
  • enrich your practice

Celebrating forgetting

TFH-Quiz recognizes every “oversight” as a natural and necessary step in the learning process, transforming the wrong answer into a chance to evolve.

Your personalized course

Compose and adapt your session to your current needs.

Evolving activities

The application offers “activities” and “quizzes” of varying difficulty, to help you move from memorization to mastery.

Progress statistics.

TFH-Quiz offers you statistics to track your progress. By identifying what you’ve learned and what you need to learn more about, you can structure your work time by adjusting the themes to your objectives.

Time management.

You control the time you spend on the application.
Available offline, and easy to use, at any time of day you can control your learning paths.

'you know that you know'

The application will enable you to progress at your own pace, overcoming obstacles to motivationand learning to achieve your goals.

Each step reinforces your understanding, until that gratifying moment when everything becomes clear, when you realize that ‘you know that you know’.

With TFH-Quiz, uncertainties fade away, giving way to confident, natural practice.

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Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

Yes! you can try out the application free of charge and without installation by clicking here. You’ll have access to a 10-question quiz, as well as an exercise to work out the location of the meridians on the face, offering several levels of difficulty.

If you have a comment or an idea for improvement concerning the questions proposed by the application, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail contact@tergimax.com

To put it simply, the application is a one-off purchase, and there are no subscriptions. Once purchased, future updates are free.

You can currently use the application on an Android or Apple phone/tablet using the links at the top of the page.
We are working to make the application available on computers (Windows/Mac), but this is not yet the case.

The application purchased on the Appstore can be installed on all devices (phone, tablet, etc.) on which your Apple account is configured. Likewise on Android, you’ll be able to install the application on all devices using the same Google Play account.

Now, if you’re using an Apple and an Android device, you’ll need to purchase the application on each platform.

The application is not (yet) Windows compatible, it is not available on the Microsoft store and will unfortunately not work on Microsoft Surface tablets.

The application is dedicated to learning Touch For Health, and is not intended to be used without having followed or started a training course. In your case, if you are neither a kinesiologist nor in training, the application will not be useful to you.

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Application pricing


13,99€ (Launch price!)

  • 1400 Questions
  • Tablet/telephone compatible
  • No subscription: the application can be used offline and updates are included.
  • No data collected, no account to create

<em>Available on</em>Google Play



14,99€ (Launch price!)

  • 1400 Questions
  • Tablet/telephone compatible
  • No subscription: the application can be used offline and updates are included.
  • No data collected, no account to create

<em>Available on</em>Apple Store


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